when you order a kit, what do you get?


We provide knitting kits so you can make your own sweater or accessory!

Then, you can really brag about it to your friends when you'll be wearing it! But most of all, you will have the chance to make, and build something amazing with your hands. If you are a bit like us, you won't even want to leave the house without your knitting bag. We love the idea of bringing a piece of home wherever you go, and be able to continue your knit, especially if you have to wait like for example in the car, or on the train. 


So when purchasing a kit, you will automatically get:

- The Yarn: The adequate quantity to knit the sweater or accessory in the size you choose.

- The Knitting Pattern: We are not leaving you all by yourself in this amazing project and you will of course get the instructions of how to knit your item properly.

- The Bag: Our pretty Biches & Bûches tote bag will make it easy to put away and carry around your knitting kit, so you can easily pick it up again when you feel like knitting some more. 

- The Biches & Bûches name tag: We know that it's not always easy to distinguish the front from the back on a knitted sweater. That's why we provide you with an etiquette you can sew in the nape as soon as your sweater is done.

Here is what you don't automatically get in your kit but which you can simply add from The Little Knitting Shop: 

- The Knitting Needles: We know that many of us out there already have loads of knitting needles and in the end we just have too many. That's why we wanted to leave you the choice to purchase the needles or not. For each sweater and accessory, we detail specifically which knitting needles you will need, so you can see for yourself if you need to add a pair to the basket. See our selection of knitting needles on the page The Needles Shop.