How to get started on your knitting

First things first, we made this cosy little film to show the knitters-to-be how to get started.
Feel free to just look at the dreamy light and listen to the beautiful music of "The Head and the Heart". 




Knit the Biches & Bûches no. 33 with us! 

It is a seamless beanie made with our Chunky lambswool, that you will find in the "Knitting Kits - The Accessories".

We are here taking you step by step through the knitting of the beanie, to help any beginner not to feel completely lost.
You can always click on "pause" if you need a bit more time!
We chose not to add any music to this 35-minute tutorial, as we think you probably prefer listening
to your own music! So just put on your favourite music and knit along with us.

Happy knitting from Astrid and Caroline