biches & bûches

They Wrote


We wanna thank you so much for writing to us, and posting pictures of your kits and knitting, really, you rock our world <3

We also understand that you may not know us very well and would like to read some reviews made by other knitters, so here are a few from Instagram! 



"meanwhile, I'm just chilling here, learning how to knit a jumper! #woolfulxbichesKAL"






"Snow day! #woolfulxbicheskal"






"Snow outside and dark but how wonderful is this? @bichesetbuches #bichestbuchesshawlno30 #woolfulxbicheskal"





"Swatched, casted on, and markers placed. No. 14. #woolfulxbicheskal"





"Discovered these two gems make the perfect pair 😊"





"My scrappy little swatch, but a swatch nonetheless! So excited to be casting on for the year long #woolfulxbichesKAL // I'm knitting the no. 3 sweater...visit to pick up your kit or yarn and join along! And if you haven't already, listen to episode 67 to hear sweet Astrid and Caroline and their fiber journey 👉🏼"



"This pattern, this yarn, the smell of salty moors and windy dunes... I'm hooked."





"#woolfulxbichesKAL My B&B sweater #21 has started! I am happy with the colorway I chose and the first sleeve (which served as my swatch) is almost done already!"





"Biches et bûches no 51 approuvée pour les brouillards d'hiver @bichesetbuches 👍😊"






"Finished my #woolfulxbichesKAL mittens just in time for Christmas ❤️ Neat pattern and perfect yarn - i think I'm hooked to this wooly goodness. Thanks to @woolful for introducing me to this little business, it's one I hope to support further, especially seeing as it's relatively close to home. Looking forward to seeing what patterns other people use for this KAL and I'm sure will be inspired for my next project!"














"Beautiful knitted color combinations with the @bichesetbuches sweater no. 5. "





"It's my future sweater! This kit is for knitting the no. 25 from Biches & Bûches. The yarn looks so amazing! 🎄"





"How beautiful my #bichesetbuches sweater is growing! Still working on the sleeves..."






"Joining @woolful and @bichesetbuches for the #woolfulxbichesKAL. I ordered this shawl kit after hearing Ashley's podcast featuring Biches & Bûches... and before knowing about the kal. Perfect timing I think! Must finish a test knit and some gifts before I begin."




"Enjoying morning knitting with my lovely @bichesetbuches sweater no. 5, before a busy day full of school felt crafting and another big Nutcracker performance tonight. My little one will be an angel. "





"Thumbing. Getting excited to finish my first mitt 😊 always love seeing your stitches take form"





"Sweater is done 🙌 ... so happy with the result! Pattern and yarn from the very talented @bichesetbuches! It's going to be a very creative week! Happy day friends 🎄!"





"☃ Bientôt la fin de la magnifique écharpe Biches & Bûches no. 51 ❄️ Belle découverte @bichesetbuches grâce aux woolstories de @inthewoolforlove" 😊





"One (thumbless) mitten down, one to go.
After I got past the 1x1 color work stage, things sped up quite dramatically 😊 I also really like using three needle bind off for mittens, never used it before but it's nice and tidy"





"Making progress on the #bichesetbuches KAL"







"Much gratitude to Astrid @bichesetbuches for responding to my plea for help with this pattern and providing more detailed notes to the original version for their beautiful shawl no. 41. I have begun again... So far so good! And I must tell you that the B&B lambswool is absolutely 💫  heavenly 💫 to work with. The fabric is so delicate and light to the touch. This is a project which requires patience and attention to detail, and one I am finding great reward in knitting... it soothes the soul... 💕✨



"Beginning the Winter Mittens for #woolfulxbicheskal 
Loving these colours together, but the 1x1 colourwork took me a LONG time holding both strands in one hand 😂


"I have been very eager to start knitting the no. 5 sweater kit from @bichesetbuches that has been awaiting in my fiber basket. The yarn is just lovely and I am so appreciative of the beauty, inspiration and attention to detail Astrid, Caroline, and Louise bring to this fiber community.❉


For someone who had never done a KAL before I'm now about to embark on my second one in a matter of months after being completely inspired by @bichesetbuches episode on #woolful. My yarn arrived last week and I know you probably shouldn't judge a yarn just by its smell but this one is epic! The yarn has a great rustic quality to it. Initially I plan to knit the winter mittens, however after getting my hands on the yarn I think this maybe the first of a few #bichesetbuches knits this year! Oh and THE best pouches, mine isn't leaving the house in case it gets dirty 😱



"There's something about @bichesetbuches that moves me deeply, in a way few others do. It's hard to explain...their design aesthetic and the simple rusticity has shifted me from a place of creative desertification to an overwhelming creative desire. This is a very good thing. If you haven't already listened to the latest #woolfulpodcast episode where Astrid and Caroline tell their story, please do. And make sure to visit for photos and to enter the giveaway for this beautiful mitten kit of theirs. Focus on what inspires you and chase after what comes from it. 🍂🐏👌🏼"


"OUTDOOR SWATCHING for a @bichesetbuches sweater for my husband. My daughter calls this deer yarn."