The Biches & Bûches no. 36 on my needles

English - What is currently on my needles is our very own Biches & Bûches shawl, no. 36, in colors that remind me of the ocean, by the different shades of blue, purple and green which come from the yarn itself.

This shawl is actually what got me into knitting in the beginning of the summer, my very first project. I chose this one because the whole past winter I found myself taking that shawl my mum had knitted on my shoulders over and over again. I used to think that shawls were really a grandma thing but there are so comfy and keep you so warm and cosy! (and okay, maybe I am a bit a grandma before time, that's what my friends tell me anyway).

I find Astrid's design so pretty and simple and elegant, and the yarn is SO soft. It is hand-dyed yarn from the company called Malabrigo (it started with two brother-in-laws who tried dying yarn in their kitchen in 2005, so cute), a family-owned company who have made environmentally-friendly work & sheep herded with tradition and love, their mojo. An ethical company, just what we love and want to work with. My mum's inspiration for this design was to make it very simple in order to reveal the beauty of the changing colors of the yarn. She added the turquoise and the dark blue to enhance it even more and created delicate details in the pattern as an elegant touch.

I am really looking forward to being able to have it on my shoulders, I like the idea that I'm getting ready for winter as they did back in the days. You gotta feel that you can do something useful for yourself in order to survive the cold days, right? (a part from eating a lot of chocolate).

xx Caroline


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