Learning new stitches with amazing Norwegian yarn

English - When I was in Norway last August, I bought some Norwegian yarn in a little shop in Bergen and couldn't wait to start knitting with that thick and rustic fiber. The thing was that I had only learnt two or three different stitches and to follow the pattern to one of our shawls. So I could not improvise to a piece of knitwear like that just with some yarn and a pair of needles.

I got therefore the idea of making two little pieces, one for each color, using the whole skein of yarn, and making a little stitch course for myself. In order to learn different ways to knit, to really learn how to differentiate knitting from purling, to have small samples of different stitches that I find are pretty to knit next to each other.

Today I finished this project and I'm looking forward to have them over my desk, fixed on a board. It is so fulfilling to finish one project, look at what you have accomplished, and be able to start the next one! 

Thanks to my mum for modeling with the cutest little pair of scissors

xx Caroline