The little Biches & Bûches Scandinavian tour!

English - Last September, Jørgen, Astrid and I packed that little rented truck there, with lots of yarn, the shelves, one bag each, and two chairs. We drove from Cluny, Burgundy, France, up to Denmark. We made a night-stop at my grandma's. It is so lucky for us that she lives close to the border, making the ride a 16-hour trip, as we wouldn't be able to handle an extra minute. After a good night's sleep, some hugs and kisses and "see you next week granny!", we went back into the truck and drove the last 2 hours to the little island of Fanø (or actually to Esbjerg, where we take the 12-minute mini ferry over to the little island of Fanø). I love this place so much! It was an incredible experience last year, when we came and participated for the first time. It is a sweet little knitting festival, with many people making the trip! We are in a big white tent, there is a lot of light, such a good atmosphere, happy curious knitters all over, many workshops, and good cake. And the island itself, is just like a fairy tale! The nature is wild and beautiful, rabbits run around everywhere! The deers and does graze in the gardens, there are lots beautiful horses and tiny ponies. This year we rented a very cute little black wooden house, and were lucky that we could borrow the bikes. Such a dream to just get out of the house in the morning, get on the bike and drive from a place to another to photograph our new lookbook, one day with Astrid, the other with Louise (who had come just for 24hours!) and ride to the beach that very first sunny afternoon where we had the time. We were so happy to see our fellow stand-holders and friends and to meet so many knitters.
xx Caroline