Burgundy everything

English - Today I wanted to share burgundy lovely things, a color of beauty and coming coldness, my color of fall. So here are our Biches & Bûches model no. 25, small violet flowers from the garden and an amazing piece of cake that my sister made. This is the most delicious healthy cake without wheat, added sugar or diary I have ever eaten, made of red berries, dates and cashew nuts. And the great news is, Louise has shared the recipe on her food blog (waiting for you right below), in case you were wondering what delicious treat you could prepare for the week-end. You won't even need an oven, as it is not baked, only frozen! As for the sweater, it is one of my very favorites. I simply love the delicate design with a Norwegian inspiration to the pattern for the neckline and the sleeve cuffs. I love how the Biches & Bûches designs are a blending of traditional patterns with a modern look. I have to add that this sweater is delightfully warm and soft, as it is a blending of lambswool and alpaca. Cosy & elegant.

xx Caroline

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