The selection of our yarns is based on quality and colours and we only use natural yarns. Here you will discover the yarns Astrid chose to knit all the models, and that we now offer in the different knitting kits.


the biches & bûches yarn

The Biches & Bûches yarn comes from Scotland - if you have ever been there, you have probably noticed how sheep are just a natural part of the countryside as they walk freely around. The yarn is made in a family-owned spinning mill, that has the reputation of having the world's best lambswool quality in regard to natural softness, color, character and quality. 

We have chosen to offer you the Biches & Bûches lambswool in two different gauges (thickness): the Petite (the upper photographs) and the Chunky (the lower ones). It depends on which model you choose to knit. The Chunky yarn is much thicker and warmer and the Petite is more delicate in adequacy to the lighter models.

We definitely love this yarn, and think it is a perfect definition of the Northern lands & countries: a rustic nature that still fills us with softness, accompanied by mostly but not only soft pastel colors, and earthen colors. 



the malabrigo yarn

We have chosen the Malabrigo yarn because of its incredible softness and the variations of colors we just think are beautiful. 

The Malabrigo yarn comes from a family-owned yarn company, settled in Uruguay. It all began when two brothers-in-law started dying wool in a kitchen back in 2005. Today, they supply the US, Europe and more. They produce in an environmentally-friendly manner which completely seduced us along with their very lovely wool.

The yarn is hand-dyed which makes the colors vary from skein to skein, every model is therefore a little more unique. It is of incredible softness and has wonderful color variations.

Their wool is 100% produced by uruguayan farms that allow their sheep to go free-range through the hills and are herded by old-style shepherds.

When ordering a knitting model with Malabrigo yarn, you will receive the yarn in the shape of skeins as shown on the pictures. You can wind the yarn as we show on the top video. It is very easy to do, you can even do it just with your hands and a chair, and this way you get into the wool transformation process even more.



the isager yarn

The Isager yarn comes from a family-owned company settled in our little home country, Denmark. They are really luxuriously precious yarn that we adore.

We have chosen to add some of the Alpaca, Silk-Mohair, Highland and Spinni in our Collections.

Alpaca 1: a fine 100% Alpaca yarn, mostly used for knitting combined with other yarns, which adds small softness and a more special structure. When combined with another yarn, it allows the use of bigger needles to create a larger stitch-pattern.

Alpaca 2: a fine 50% Alpaca, 50% wool from Peru - yarn we use for our scarves.

The Silk-Mohair: a 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk. We have used it together with our own Biches & Bûches yarn, again to add softness and allow bigger needles for a larger stitch-pattern. 

The Spinni: 100% wool. It is a single ply wool, used to add just a little more thickness to some models. It's very warm and very light.

When ordering a knitting model with the Spinni yarn from Isager, you will receive the yarn in the shape of skeins. You therefore have to wind the yarn yourself, as we show on the top video. It is very easy and you can even just use a chair and your hands. Regarding the Alpaca and Silk-Mohair, you will receive them as yarn balls so that you can start knitting as soon as you receive your knitting kit!