The Biches & Bûches no. 16 // Knitting Kit

The Biches & Bûches no. 16 // Knitting Kit

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A classic and elegant sweater. I call it the baseball sweater, and is actually Jørgen's favorite (my dad). This is a tighter sweater than Astrid's usual designs, perfect to wear under a jacket or a coat, and always always classying up a pair of jeans! Custom colors possible indeed, for that just scroll all the way down!

To knit with: The wool is our own Biches & Bûches Petite, an amazing pure lambswool from Scotland. The knitting needles are 3mm/US 3/UK 11 - all of which you can find in The Needles Shop!

Sizes: S - M - L

The Biches & Bûches knitting kit: Wool in the chosen colors and model size + the pattern in the selected language + the knitting bag + the tag to sew in once the work is done!

Designed by Astrid for Biches & Bûches.
xx Caroline

Pattern Language:
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Sizes of the finished sweater
Small: chest width 45cm [17.73"]/ length 56cm [22.06"]/ sleeve length 50cm [19.7"]/ Armhole 19cm [7.49"]
Medium: chest width 50cm [19.7"]/ length 60cm [23.64"]/ sleeve length 52cm [20.49"] / Armhole 20cm [7.88"]
Large: chest width 55cm [21.67"]/ length 64cm [25.22"]/ sleeve length 53cm [20.88"]/ Armhole 21cm [8.27"]

How to determine your size: Take your favorite knitted sweater, worked in a yarn similar to the one you are considering, and measure its dimensions. It may not have the exact same shape, but it will give you an idea of the size to choose!

Custom colors
Here is a little form you can fill out if you would like to choose your own color combination for the
Biches & Bûches no. 16! You can have a look at all our Biches & Bûches Petite colors and fill out the form before or right after having ordered your kit!

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