The Biches & Bûches no. 11 // Knitting Kit

The Biches & Bûches no. 11 // Knitting Kit


The sweet little delicate cardigan. One-colored in all its simplicity, that can suit just any outfit. No buttons or closing, which you can add as you wish on your own little cardigan. You can choose between any color of our Le Petit Lambswool. The one on the photographs is the Light Pink from the old yarn collection (still a few kits left)!

To knit with: the wool is the biches & bûches "le petit lambswool". A beautiful pure lambswool from Scotland. The knitting needles are some circular 2.75mm/UK size 12/US size 2 + 3mm/UK size 11/US size 3 - which you can find in The Needles Shop!

Sizes: Onesize kitwise, but the sizes S - M - L are differentiated in the pattern!

The Biches & Bûches knitting kit: Wool in the chosen colors and model size + the pattern in the selected language.
The biches & bûches wool bag has a new design, new quality, more sturdy, environment-friendly made, and therefore a new price. Instead of including it in the kit, we wish to offer you the possibility to add it: the price of the bag on its own is 24euros, if included with a sweater kit, it is 18euros. Scroll down for a click-through to the bags <3

Designed by Astrid for Biches & Bûches.
xx Caroline

Pattern Language:
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Sizes of the finished cardigan:
Small: back width 50cm [19.7"] / length 52cm [20.5"]/ sleeve length 36cm [14.18"]
Medium: back width 55cm [21.67"]/ length 54cm [21.28"]/ sleeve length 36cm [14.18"]
Large: back width 60cm [23.64"]/ length 56cm [22.06"]/ sleeve length 36cm [14.18"]

Click on the photo to go directly to the wool bag product page if you want to include the Biches & Bûches wool bag.

Custom colors
Here is a little form you can fill out if you would like to choose your own color for the
Biches & Bûches no. 11! You can do it before or right after having ordered your kit!
The color used for the original model is Light Pink.

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