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Laine Magazine issue 5

Laine Magazine issue 5


it is now possible to pre-order Laine Magazine issue 5 if you want to make sure to get a copy - the release date is May 25th 2018.

Susanne Sommer has used Biches & Bûches Le Cashmere & Lambswool for her beautiful shawl in this issue -

this new issue of 132 pages features :

- 10 patterns by a bunch of wonderful designers: Sachiko Burgin, Bérangère Cailliau, Thea Colman, Sus Gepard, Marie Greene, Jonna Hietala, Clare Mountain, Susanne Sommer, Lene Tøsti and Veera Välimäki

- a portrait of Ysolda Teague
- an interview with Rosa Pomar
- "my story" by Nathan Critchlow of Twisted Fintch
- a Q&A with Vânia O. of Two Hands Textile Studio

- seasonal recipes
- a travel guide to Edinburgh

Patterns and yarns in issue 5 :

1. Meerschaum (socks)
Sachiko Burgin
Yarn: Durasport by Briggs and Little, colourways Oatmeal and Ecru

2. Svelge (sweater)
Bérangère Cailliau
Yarn: Shetland Fine by L'Echappée Laine, colourway Brume + Silkhair by Lana Grossa, colourway Perle

3. Brennivin (cardigan)
Thea Colman
Yarn: Hudson Worsted by The Yarn Collective, colourway Beacon Natural (401)

4. Scandinavian Spring (cardigan)
Sus Gepard
Yarn: Kid Seta by Gepard Garn, colourway 46 + Wild & Soft by Gepard Garn, colourway Earth & Sky

5. Lotte (dress)
Marie Greene
Yarn: Tukuwool Sock by Tukuwool, colourway Auri

6. Kuru (cardigan)
Jonna Hietala
Yarn: terra by The Fibre Co., colourway Black Locust Bark

7. Nutkin (sweater)
Clare Mountain
Yarn: Islington DK by Kettle Yarn Co., colourway Squirrelly

8. Elevate (brioche shawl)
Susanne Sommer
Yarn: Le Cashmere & Lambswool by Biches & Bûches, colourways grey brown and light pink

9. Midsummer Rose (lace shawl)
Lene Tøsti
Yarn: Floating by A Verb for Keeping Warm, colourway Quartz

10. Adrift (crescent shawl)
Veera Välimäki
Yarn: Selkino by Skein Queen, colourway: Nettlebed

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