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K (KNIT) by helga isager (book)

K (KNIT) by helga isager (book)


this is Helga Isager's brand new book. 

K (Knit) by Helga Isager is a collection of 10 new designs aimed at both beginners and knitters with a little experience.

Helga Isager has mixed both colours and yarns, and this adds an exiting melange effect to the pieces.

the designs are classic and simple, with an excellent fit.

the book helds an extensive and in-depth knitting glossary. published March 23rd 2018.

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K (KNIT)                                   

Page 60
K (Knit)
In garter stitch on 5 mm needles

Page 84
C2 (Cable 2)
150 (150:200: 200) g Isager Silk Mohair col. 60