the little story of how it all started


I am Astrid, the designer behind all the Biches & Bûches models. 

I was born and raised on the seaside of Denmark, in the town of Sønderborg, with my Danish mum and Norwegian dad, my older brother and younger sister. I learned to knit when I was 6, when my Norwegian grandma came to visit and told me that "there are two important things a girl should learn, that's knitting and counting." So she taught me both. I got hooked and has continued knitting ever since! In high school I used to meet up with my friends and we would talk, knit, and drink a lot of tea.

The designing part came much later, before that I always used knitting patterns, like the Danish designer Marianne Isager, and when I came to France it was mostly French designers, there wasn't much international at that time. I started designing patterns five years ago, when I felt the need to express myself in a creative way.


a little insight into the team


Astrid, designer & knitter
She loves combining colours and having lunch in the garden surrounded by butterflies and lavender. Her favorite color is grey and she loves plane trees.

Louise, model & newsletter co-writer
She cooks a lot of healthy food and is always keen on discovering cozy atmospheres. She loves fresh flowers, paper and making wide polaroids.

Caroline, photographer & visual designer
I love when it's raining and I'm sitting inside with friends and family, cocooning around (I am danish! so we are kinda addicted to hygge aka cosy atmospheres) or taking photographs with the beautiful light of a grey sky. I have always been powerfully drawn to traditional norwegian knitting patterns. I started to knit myself over a year ago, and just get more and more passionated as I dive deeper, learn more about wool, history, stories and techniques, and love making parts of my own wardrobe! I love vintage, from old cameras to the polaroid process, the scratchy sound of a vinyl, the british rock bands from the 60s and the whole visual tradition of the 50s. I need to be surrounded by materials that are raw and natural, and always have an open window to feel the breeze.



a little look into the atelier