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the Elevate shawl by Susanne Sommer

the Elevate shawl by Susanne Sommer


the gorgeous Elevate shawl is a design by Susanne Sommer for Laine magazine issue 5, published in may 2018. Susanne has used the biches & bûches cashmere & lambswool for her design, 4 skeins of each color. the original colors used for the shawl are light pink and grey brown.

Elevate is an extra-large rectangular wrap, knit on the bias in two-color brioche and garter stitch with subtle yet graphic brioche elements in alternating colors.

The construction – from corner to corner – makes this a very interesting knit: It revolves around the simultaneously knit brioche border that grows wider at the starting and ending points of the pattern, thanks to some cleverly placed increases and decreases and a little bit of brioche short-row shaping. An (optional) attached i-cord border adds a clean finish to this understated design that gives the natural sophistication of the yarn plenty of room to shine.

this pattern was originally published in Laine magazine, issue 5, may 2018, in the larger version knit with biches & bûches le cashmere & lambswool. you can buy the pattern here.
on Susanne Sommer’s Ravelry page (sosuknits), she has made a tutorial for a part of the brioche stitch.

on her Instagram profile, Susanne wrote this about her shawl : “ELEVATE is a warm woolen hug, a large wrap knit diagonally in cashmere and lambswool, in two-color garter stitch and brioche elements and a unique border construction.“

we have created the followinig color combinations :
01_ grey brown and light pink (the original version)
02_grey brown and light grey
03_ medium grey and light pink
04_ dark blue and light pink

the wool : it is the biches & bûches "le cashmere & lambswool", a natural lambswool with 12% cashmere from scotland. Susanne knit the shawl with needle size 3.5 mm/UK 9.5/US 4 - which you can find in our tool shop !

sizes: onesize
the yarn kit: your kit contains the wool in the chosen colors + the little biches & bûches knitting pouch. the pattern is in Laine magazine issue 5 and on Susanne’s Ravelry account (sosuknits) as a single pattern.

skill level : 4 of 5
techniques : knit stitches + brioche stitches
construction : the shawl is worked diagonally and flat.

dimensions of the finished shawl :
180 cm / 71“ length, 78 cm / 31“ width

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