biches & bûches


we are a danish family in france, who create knitting kits
for the heartful moments of going slow,
participating in making one's own wardrobe,
and the love put into each stitch of a gifted knit.

we create handmade knitting kits with beautiful natural wool
so you can knit with us <3 there are kits for beginners as well as
for confirmed knitters - and we share all this with people far away through photographs <3

we have our natural wool: the biches & bûches lambswool
in four different qualities : le petit lambswool (pure lambswool) +
le gros lambswool (pure lambswool in a thicker version)
+ le silk & lambswool + le cashmere & lambswool <3
all coming to us from a family-owned fiber mill in scotland.

we also offer knitting kits from the danish designer
helga isager, with their original yarn

+ books, in our little shop <3


xx astrid, caroline & louise