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the Else halfgloves

the Else halfgloves


the Else halfgloves are designed by Helga Isager.

the wool : the design uses Tvinni from the Danish brand Isager.

suggested needle sizes : 2.5 mm/UK 12/US 2
the needles are sold separately on the tools page.

dimensions of the finished halfgloves : 38 cm [15"]

colors : the knitting kit exists in our colors of Isager Tvinni. please send us a note if your preferred color is not listed.

skill level : 2 out of 5

the biches & bûches kit the kit includes the original yarn from Isager in the quantity for the chosen size and in the chosen color. 

the pattern has been published in English in knit wardrobe by Helga Isager.

design & copyright by Helga Isager - Amimono

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  • Details (English) 

The needle size is 2.5mm [US 1 1/2 - UK 12 1/2] (double pointed needles - the needles are sold separately on the page "The Needles Shop").
The yarn is from Isager (you may read more about the yarn on the page "The Yarn We Use").

Lenght: 38cm [15"]

The knitting kit exists in the following colors:
Light rose
Dark blue-grey
Light orange-grey
Dark violet
Dark grey

Skill Level: Medium
If you are an experienced knitter, you can knit it in two cosy weekends. A little more if you are less experienced!

The knitting kit includes the original yarn from Isager in the chosen color.
For the pattern in Danish, you will need to buy the coffe table book "Finstrikket" which includes 24 patterns for women and children by Helga Isager.
This pattern does not exist in English at the moment.
For the pattern in English, please buy it separately here.

Design & Copyright by Helga Isager - Amimono


  • Détails (Français)

Les aiguilles utilisées sont de taille 2,5 (à double pointes - elles sont vendues séparément sur la page "The Needles Shop"). 
La laine utilisée est de la marque Isager (vous trouverez plus d'infos sur la page "La Laine").

Longueur : 38cm

Le kit de tricot est disponible dans les coloris suivants :
Rose pâle (Light rose)
Bleu-gris foncé (Dark blue-grey)
Orange pâle-gris (Light orange-grey)
Violet foncé (Dark violet)
Gris foncé (Dark grey)
Noir (Black)

Niveau de difficulté : Moyen
Si vous avez l'habitude des aiguilles, vous pouvez tricoter ce modèle en deux weekends. Il vous faudra un peu plus de temps si vous avez moins d'expérience !

Le kit contient la laine originale de la marque Isager dans le coloris choisi. Les explications sont dans le livret Esprit Nature, paru aux Editions de Saxe. Vous trouverez le livret ici.

Design & Copyright by Helga Isager - Amimono